Self Assessment


Self Assessment

The Self Assessment course is popular amongst the delegates as it gives them an opportunity to view 50 difficult cases and to evaluate the cases themselves.

These cases are then discussed during the Symposium on the final day. The cases are of high quality and are provided by National and International specialists.

Delegates who register for the Self Assessment course by paying the nominal fee of £40  will receive online access to the 50 difficult cases prior to the Symposium, as well as a handout of the collated PowerPoints from the 10 Self Assessment Speakers.

All delegates, whether registered for the Self Assessment course or not will be able to access the Self Assessment Discussion on Day 3, 17th May from 14:00 – 17:30, however only those who pay and register will have access to the 50 digital slides and handout.

Course Objective

This course is intended for individuals preparing for the FRCPath and DipRCPath examinations, and consultants who are part of the Dermpathology EQA, as well as for those who wish to expand their skills in diagnostic dermatopathology. Fifty instructive dermatopathology cases will be presented in a structured format by ten experienced dermatopathologists.

Following this course the participant will be able to:
  • Recognize key light and microscopic features of common, unusual and rare entities
  • Differentiate diseases with overlapping histopathologic features
  • Gain new information from the presented cases
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Self Assessment Course


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