LDS 2020 Online Course Programme

Day 1

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
9:00 Molecular Testing in Melanocytic Pathology Michael Tetzlaff (USA)
9:40 Cutaneous Lymphoma – Diagnostic Features and Common Mimics David Cassarino (USA)
10:40 Clinical Approach to Dermatological Conditions – Part 1 Robert Phelps (USA)
11:00 Clinical Approach to Dermatological Conditions – Part 2 – Lichen Planus Robert Phelps (USA)
11:30 My Approach to Challenging Melanocytic Proliferations Akhtar Husain (UK)
12:30 Update on Merkel Cell Carcinoma Michael Tetzlaff (USA)
13:20 Clues in Dermatopathology Akhtar Husain (UK)
14:00 Desmoplastic Melanoma Michael Tetzlaff (USA)
14:35 Dermatopathology in the Digital World Curtis Thompson (USA)
15:15 My Approach to Malignant Cutaneous Adnexal Tumors David Cassarino (USA)


Day 2

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
9:00 Rare Cutaneous Tumors Robert Phelps (USA)
9:40 Updates in Pediatric Pathology Patrick Emanuel (Peru)
10:30 Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia – Causation and Diagnostics Curtis Thompson (USA)
12:00 Pathology Tools for Improved Alopecia Diagnostics Curtis Thompson (USA)
12:45 High Risk Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers Patrick Emanuel (Peru)
14:00 New World Infections Patrick Emanuel (Peru)
14:45 Highlights from the New WHO Classification of Skin Tumors Richard Scolyer (AUS)
15:30 Near Misdiagnoses of Pigmented Tumors Richard Scolyer (AUS)
16:15 Collagen Vascular Diseases David Cassarino (USA)