London Dermatopathology Symposium

2011 Feedback

Feedback From London Dermatopathology Symposium 2011

We have run this highly successful course previously and we have had an excellent response: below is some of the feedback!


  • “The practical approach inspires me to learn more about this topic”
  • “A great speaker, interesting subject conceptually, and a well-researched subject”
  • “Difficult matter was explained very well. Impressive”
  • “Excellent! And clinically relevant”
  • “Useful for daily practise; the expert makes the difference!”
  • “Outstanding presentation- comprehensive but not overwhelming”
  • ‘I really enjoyed Alistair Robson’s lecture on panniculitis. It was very interesting and clinically relevant for a dermatology trainee.”

Panel discussion:

  • “The panel session was an excellent, intellectual exercise. It was interesting to explore the role of FISH/ PCR but differences in interpretation in the panel and ‘expert’ audiences was thought provoking to witness.”
  • “Great session and practically relevant in the future”

Slide Library

  • “A great mix of interesting and appropriately limited cases- perfect”
  • “Excellent quality microscopes and lenses. Very well organised.”

Multiheader Sessions

  • “Multiheader sessions were superb. Please have more of them!”
  • ” The alopecia multiheader session by Catherine was really excellent”
  • “There should be two sessions like this a day! A true master class- very helpful, interactive and informative”

Self Assessment

  • “The self assessment session was fabulous!”

General Comments

  • “The catering organisation was good”
  • “The website was clear, informative and easy to navigate, thankyou”
  • “First time attending an event/conference like this and feel that it has given me lots of input in how the system works”
  • “Very well conducted Professional, relevant and of a high standard. Excellent topics covered”
  • “Morning session and lunch were excellent”
  • “Very Useful – more programmes like this please”
  • 100% of delegates believed that it improved their practical performance.
  • 91% of delegates believed that it has helped them improve patient outcomes.
  • 100% of delegates believed that it confirmed their current approach to patient care.