Short Course: Soft Tissue Pathology




Wednesday 17th May 2017 – Day 1 of Symposium

Short Course: Soft Tissue Pathology (10:15 – 13:10 )

Chairperson and Course Director: Rajiv Patel

Faculty: Patrick Shenjere, Laurence Feldmeyer


Soft Tissue Tumour Course Case Histories

Please review the cases below which will be discussed during the short course. If you have any trouble viewing the HE link then please try opening in Google Chrome Browser. To attend this course you must ensure you have signed up. Please click here:

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1: 73 year-old male with a history of an enlarging mass of the left distal posterior leg.

Case 1
H&E View

2: 40-year-old male with inner left arm lesion above the elbow, present for a long time and increasing in size.

Case 2
H&E View

3: 80-year-old female with an ulcerated left upper cheek lesion.

Case 3
H&E View

4: 61-year-old male with a mass in the subcutis of the right thigh.

Case 4
H&E View

5: 22-year-old male with a violaceous nodule of the right inner thigh.

Case 5
H&E View

6: 50-year-old female with pendulous mass of left inner thigh. BMI of 40

Case 6
H&E View

7: 80-year-old male with rapidly growing cutaneous nodule on thorax.

Case 7
H&E View

8: 71-year-old female with a firm 3cm nodule on the left hip.

Case 8
H&E View

9: 30-year-old male telephone lineman with a 2.5cm right palmar mass, first noticed after hitting his hand while roofing. Increasing in size over the last 10 months.

Case 9
H&E View

10: 11-year-old female with an ulcerated scalp mass.

Case 10
H&E View

11: 23-year-old male with multiple violaceous nodules on the left upper mid back.

Case 11
H&E View

12: 36-year-old male with a left posterior neck mass.

Case 12
H&E View

13: 47-year-old male with a pedunculated and indurated 8mm lesion on the right upper lip, present for years.

Case 13
H&E View