London Dermatopathology Symposium

Multiheader 2014

Symposium MultiHeader Sessions

London Dermatopathology Symposium 14-16 May 2014 Covent Garden London

Most popular sessions of last year’s Symposium!
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Multi-header sessions are highly rated by the delegates and each session is limited to a maximum of 10 delegates.

The topics for the multi-header sessions are finalised by the steering committee based on dealing with diagnostically challenging areas of dermatopathology.

The multi-header sessions give delegates an opportunity to view a number of cases for each topic and browse through the slides together with the speaker using an advanced multi-headed microscope.


Available Sessions 


Adnexal Tumours

In this session entities from different adnexal sub groups will be discussed.

Bernard Cribier



In this session we will select a range of lymphocytic proliferations with a full panel of antibodies.

Werner Kempf



In this session we will review common scarring and non scarring alopecia

Catherine M. Stefanato


Mimics of cutaneous Lymphoma

Laszlo Karai


Blistering Diseases

In this session we will offer helpful tips on distinguishing subtypes of vesicular bullous conditions with clinicopathological and immunofluorescence correlation.

Nicolas Ortonne



In this session we will review wide range of panniculitidies.

Lydia Essary

Challenging Melanocytic Lesions

Rossitza Lazova


Pigmentary Disorders of skin

In this session we will cover the difficult areas of pigmentary dermatoses.

Asha Kubba

Clear cell tumours of the skin

Paul Craig

Paediatric dermatopathology

Raffaele Gianotti


Dermatopathology of Ethnic Skin

In this session we will discuss a range of dermatoses unique and/or specific to ethnic skin, with a particular emphasis on clinicopathological correlation.

Ophelia Dadzie

Sclerosing disorders of the skin

Jag Bhawan

Immunohistochemical quandaries

Anjela Galan


Spindle Cell Tumours

In this session we will discuss superficial spindle cell tumours with a panel of immunohistochemistry.

Khin Thway & Laura Pincus


Infectious Diseases

In this session we will describe patterns of inflammation associated with different infectious organisms.

Wayne Grayson

The skin biopsy in systemic disease

Atanassios Kolivras


Inflammatory Dermatoses

In this session we will develop an approach to inflammatory dermatoses.

Laura Pincus

Usual and instructive neoplastic disorders of the skin

Clay Cockerell

Instructive cases from New York

Robert G.Phelps


Vascular Tumours

In this session we will look at less common vascular tumours both benign and malignant and discuss associated syndromes.

Omar Sangueza

Instructive cases from Yale

Anjela Galan


Vulvar Pathology

In this session we will highlight the limitation of vulval biopsies and how the range of diagnosis can be pro-offered on small samples.

Angelica Selim

Lymph node pathology in melanocytic lesions

Patrick Shenjere

London Dermatopathology Symposium

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