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London Dermatopathology Symposium is an international symposium dedicated to high quality teaching in the UK and abroad. This symposium has been leaving its spot on international dermatopathology teaching with nine successful annual symposia. Last year the symposium attracted more than 120 delegates from over 26 countries.


Due to the current pandemic, the 2020 symposium has been redesigned as a 2 day online update course, presented by the best pathologists in the field.


A series of on-demand videos are available with lectures recorded using studio equipment rather than cloud-based video conferencing service. The recordings are of HD quality.


This 2 day course, the first of it’s kind, is entirely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The LDS has a reputation of running high level courses and we have a distinguished international panel from the US, UK and Australia. View the course programme and our fantastic speakers; we’ve kept the course fee affordable with access to DermpathPRO.com for 3 months included in the price. We’re delighted that DermpathPRO are willing to host the videos on their website, and also provide you with access to the other content on their website.


EVENT PRICE LIST & Registration

London Dermatopathology Symposium is very popular around the world with dermatopathologists from over 26 countries attending the 2019 symposium. This is because of the impressive speaker lineup. Register early and avail the 3 months access to dermpathpro.com. Take a look at the price table below.



Currently, the subscriptions are closed for this Course - We are planning to launch new updated course LDS 2021 soon.

However, You can click on 'Register' link and it will redirects you to dermpathPRO website for more material and courses!



Currently, The Subscriptions Are Closed For This Course - We Are Planning To Launch New Updated Course LDS 2021 soon.

However, You Can Click On 'Register' Link And It Will Redirects You To DermpathPRO Website For More Material And Courses!



Day 1

Session TitleSpeaker(s)
Molecular Testing in Melanocytic PathologyMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Cutaneous Lymphoma – Diagnostic Features and Common MimicsDavid Cassarino (USA)
Clinical Approach to Dermatological ConditionsRobert Phelps (USA)
My Approach to Challenging Melanocytic ProliferationsAkhtar Husain (UK)
Update on Merkel Cell CarcinomaMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Clues in DermatopathologyAkhtar Husain (UK)
Desmoplastic MelanomaMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Dermatopathology in the Digital WorldCurtis Thompson (USA)
My Approach to Malignant Cutaneous Adnexal TumorsDavid Cassarino (USA)

Day 2

Session TitleSpeaker(s)
Rare Cutaneous TumorsRobert Phelps (USA)
Updates in Pediatric PathologyPatrick Emanuel (Peru)
Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia - Causation and DiagnosticsCurtis Thompson (USA)
Pathology Tools for Improved Alopecia DiagnosticsCurtis Thompson (USA)
High Risk Non-Melanoma Skin CancersPatrick Emanuel (Peru)
New World InfectionsPatrick Emanuel (Peru)
Highlights from the New WHO Classification of Skin TumorsRichard Scolyer (AUS)
Near Misdiagnoses of Pigmented TumorsRichard Scolyer (AUS)
Collagen Vascular DiseasesDavid Cassarino (USA)
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    “Good presentations on difficult subjects.”

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    “Mixed approach and not just lectures was excellent.”

  • Feedback

    “Mixed approach and not just lectures was excellent.”